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Billabong Wallet In Fashion For Men

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There are several competitive and well-known brands of wallet for men that continuously gain its reputation by consistently producing first class and high quality wallets. Billabong wallet is considered one of the most renowned brands in fashion for men. It does not only produce competitive products, it also offers its clients affordable and reasonable prices. This brand gains its popularity all over the world and has been able to maintain its reputation until now.

This wallet improves the appearance and features of the traditionally used wallet by men. Since most of the traditional wallet is simply brown and black, Billabong has created plain colored wallets but creates embossed designs to make it stylish. It is also cool to see some of its printed designs since it is actually not common to see a printed leather design for men. They highlighted an active look design to get rid of the old fashion style that has been out in the market for years now. There is also a style where this wallet has clip or handle on the side. This is cool especially for teenagers; most of them do not want to put their wallets in their back pocket and prefer to clip it on the side of their pants.

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Hottest Fashions For Men and Women

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Many people are of the notion that eyeglasses make them look boring, studious, dull etc. But if you are sporting a pair of Ray Ban eyeglasses these adjectives would transform into stylish, graceful, interesting and fashionable. Since people have become extremely image conscious they don’t wish to compromise on how they look so they want to go for designer eyewear.

Ray Ban, the designer brand has been the leader of the eyewear industry for the last 7 decades. The eyeglasses as well as the sunglasses from this brand are extremely unique and interesting. It has something to offer for people from all walks of life.

Progressive, stylish and funky, a pair of eyeglasses from this world-renowned brand would spell magic and liven up the drab monotonous office attire, bring spunk to your casuals and add class and reality to your formals.

For the males the best-selling eyeglasses are:

Ray ban RX6182– Available in 3 interesting colors this pair of eyeglasses is for the discerning male. An emulation of the classy and stylish Wayfarer these eyeglasses are suave and chic. One can wear the RX6182 to work and make a serious and professional impression.

RX 5154 Eyeglasses– Attractive, comfortable and light-weight, the Ray Ban RX 5154 can be worn on all occasions. This pair of eyeglasses is the choice of males who love to make a style statement.

RX 5136 Eyeglasses– For all the men who like to look cool yet studious and hard-working, this is the pair of eyewear you should go in for. Sleek and stylish the RX 5136 can get heads turning and the limelight would only be on you whether you are in office or a party.

Amongst the best selling pairs for women, following are the featured models:

RX 5148 Eyeglasses– This pair for women comes in 3 different colors and would be well-suited for the forward looking fashionista. A lady sporting a pair of Ray ban RX 5148 needs to be taken seriously as far as her taste for fashion goes.

RX 6019 Eyeglasses– In the women’s range this pair of eyeglasses would go well with all dresses and all occasions. Available in 8 colors the RX 6019 is loved for its simple and clean looks.

So for all those people who opine that eyeglasses are for the dull and boring people, think again. The right pair of eyeglasses can make you look super-cool, stylish and give you the edgy look you have been dying for. So let your eyes be the reason for you to grab a pair of extremely modern and youthful Ray Ban Eyeglasses.

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Summer Fashion for Men 5 Must Have Wardrobe Staples

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When green hits the trees and men start hitting the greens, a strange cloud begins to form in the mind of many men. It is obvious that winter sweaters no longer feel quite right and certainly the summer means the beach, but in between ski parkas and speedos, how is a guy supposed to dress? March to September is a long stretch of time to be seen wandering around in white socks and sandals or the college t-shirt that is now older than your first child.

Listed below are 5 items that every man should own and that when mixed together, in any number of combinations, can last an entire season or two – maybe even three if you really get the hang of it! From shirts to shoes, shorts to sunglasses, these never-fail items work every year and will keep you from embarrassing yourself and your family, or worse, looking like your own father. After all, just because you may some day retire to the golf course, doesn’t mean you need to look like you’ve given up on life before 70.

#1, The Polo Shirt

Ah, the polo. Less than 100 years old, this summer staple, designed by Renee Lacoste as a tennis shirt in 1926, has long become a part of every man’s wardrobe. Usually in cotton, but also in cashmere, linen, or silk, it is by far the easiest way to transform your closet. Polo shirts know no age boundaries, fit every bank account, and are as easy to wear as your favorite t-shirt. Solid color, plaid, stripe, black, pink, lime green – it doesn’t matter. Every brand from Old Navy to Gucci provides a polo shirt as part of their lineup. And you can find them in every mall, boutique and online shop. Classic, timeless, clean and functional, the polo shirt is the first step in a successful wardrobe transformation.

#2, The Khaki Pant

At just over 150 years old, the khaki pant has been around slightly longer than most men keep their underwear. Initially designed for military wear, the tan cotton pant spread to civilians in the 1950s and has hung around ever since. The general rule for purchasing khakis is that if you wear larger sizes, you will want them pleated with a cuff at the bottom (the cuff adds weight to the trouser leg to keep the pleats in shape). Otherwise for those buying around a 36″ waist or smaller, stick to flat-front options. Khakis come in a variety of shades from white to green to black and they are all appropriate for summer.

#3, The Boat Shoe

Sperry invented boat shoes in 1935 and they are now worn for much more than boating. Usually made of leather or canvas, worn with or without socks (I prefer without), the boast shoe is a casual men’s shoe that is neither too stuffy nor too lazy. Too often men wear athletic sneakers with just about every pant they own and this is a look that should have died when Seinfeld was cancelled. Save the sneakers for the gym. Slip on a pair of boat shoes with jeans, khakis, or shorts, and you’ve instantly transformed yourself from the “What-is-He-Wearing” Guy to the “Lookin-Good” Guy in 30 seconds.

#4, The Aviator Sunglasses

Few items in a man’s closet are more masculine and invite more compliments than a pair of aviator sunglasses. Ray-Ban cornered the market when they introduced these and there is not a man in America that should be without a pair. The wire-framed glasses usually have a lens that is two to three times the size of the eye socket, and come in lens shades that are often grey or green but I’ve even seen them in blue and purple. Make sure they offer UVA/UVB sun ray protection and if you can afford it, stock up on two pairs or more – say, a gold frame and a black frame. And you have every right to quote “Top Gun” while wearing these.

#5, The White T-Shirt

When I say white, gentlemen, I mean white. Not yellowed, stained, soiled, sweat-through…I mean white. It really doesn’t get more basic than the tee. And the crisp, clean, white tee is the most wonderful and timeless article of clothing a man can own. Crew-neck or V-neck (which I prefer) the cotton t-shirt works with just about everything a man will ever own – shirts, shorts, suits, swimwear. Stocking up on white t-shirts is probably the most important thing a man can do and these days white t-shirts are not the old-fashioned shapeless blobs of cotton worn by previous generations. They are sleek and slim, they keep us cooler thanks to new fabric technology, and they don’t need to be decorated with logos, catchphrases, or fraternity symbols. And since so many cost just a couple of dollars, it is important to replace them as soon as they lose their spic-and-span look.

The five items listed above are an all-access pass to the world of warm weather wear. They work for every man, every time and will transform you from dud to dapper at home, on the links, or at the bar.

How to Care for Your Basketball Jersey

There are two very important things that take part in taking care of a basketball jersey. The first step is linked to washing the basketball jersey. The second step is involved with storing the basketball jersey.

Washing the basketball jersey

There are some steps in the entire process of washing a basketball jersey. The first step is always to understand what form of material that this basketball jersey printing is made of. Most of the time, the jerseys are made of polyester knit or mesh. This is because these materials are easier to take care then cotton.

The next step would be to pre-soak that jersey. This is the most important steps in keeping the jersey clean. When you get home in the game, squeeze jersey into a sink to completely clean off the maximum amount of dirt that you can. Then you will have to fill up a substantial sink with warm not trouble. Then add a cupful of your respective favorite durable laundry detergent plus a cup of baking soda. The baking soda will go ahead and take the door from the jersey. The jersey will need to soak for around one hour nevertheless it will work better whether it soaks overnight. It is also crucial to know whether you have hard or soft water. This is because if you might have hard water, it won’t remove the soil want it is supposed to. In order to remove the maximum amount of soil as you can, you will include a water conditioner on the sink. This will just assist the laundry detergent work the top it can.

The third step is always to not use chlorine bleach. This goes even whether this is a white jersey. This is because it does not develop the type of material that this jersey is made from. Plus, it could damage the jersey as time passes. It is best to make use of oxygen or all fabric bleach to assist to whiten and brighten the jersey. The jersey will occur the bleach approximately an hour or so.

The fourth step is to make certain you wash the jersey through itself. It is essential that you don’t wash the jersey with any one of the clothes. This is because the cotton that most clothes are created from will leave lint on the jersey. The lint will show up more around the kids’ numbers and letters on the jersey. After you are done soaking your jersey, fill the washer with cool water and laundry detergent and wash it just like you normally would your other clothes.

The fifth step is making sure there is not any heat around the jersey. This means you do not should put your jersey inside the dryer. This is because the temperature might lead to the jersey to shrink and fade the colors out. It could also make stains stay about the jersey. It is best to hang up the phone the jersey and allow it air dry. But keep it far away from any sunshine.

Tips about washing the jersey

There are a couple of tips for washing your kid’s jersey. The first tip is usually to only use cold water. This is because if you utilize domestic hot water, the hot water could make the stains impossible to get from the jersey by setting inside the stain. Usually, all the techniques the application of with pre-soaking the jersey will take out every one of the stains. The second tip is always to confirm the jersey when you put it into the washer for those stains that would not come out once you pre-soaked it. This is in order to rub the jersey which has a pre-treater to attempt to be aware of those stains. The third tip is to never iron the jersey. This is because the heat in the iron can ruin the letters and numbers which might be around the jersey.

Storing your basketball jersey

There are a handful of extremely important steps that parents should know when it comes to storing your little one’s jersey. The first step is always to always hang up the phone the basketball jersey after you might have washed it. This allows the jersey to dry properly without messing up the size and style, letters, and numbers that on include the jersey. The next step is to never fold up the jersey. This is the letters and numbers for the jersey can be cracked and will eventually peel from the lemon. But if you might have to fold it, then usually do not position the folds within the jersey where the letters and numbers are. It is always smart to hand it up on a wall in order to display the jersey and ensure that is stays protected from the heat inside a process.

These include the most important measures in taking care of your kids’ jersey.

Clothing and Fashion for Men

One of the most popular item purchased by people shopping for men’s clothing are t-shirts. T-shirts are a great option for building a man’s wardrobe. This is because t-shirts come in a variety of great colors, they offer a great selection of designs, and they come in either long sleeved or short sleeved options. Also if the man that you are shopping for is into vintage designs then you can also purchase vintage tees.

Sweatshirts are another popular men’s clothing option. In the past sweatshirt designs have been limited to grey gym wear, however, now a days you have a lot of great sweatshirt fashion choices to select from. Some of the most popular sweatshirt styles on the market today include hoodies and athletic sweatshirts.

A great men’s shirt option for the work environment is the sweater. Sweaters come in a variety of styles and they can easily be worn as professional wear or for special occasions. Most merchants that sell men’s clothing will sell a selection of men’s sweaters.

To find the best t-shirt, sweatshirt, or sweater for yourself or for a man that you are shopping for, you will want to take into consideration several measurements. These measurements include the size of the man’s neck, the width of his shoulders, and the size of his waist. These measurements will help you find a man’s top that has the right fit and feel. In addition to finding the right size, you will also want to look for the style that are both appropriate for the occasions that they will be used for and that offer a style that the man will like.

Fashion for Men The Secret Behind Retrosexual and Metrosexual

Fashion is a term that men usually do not associate with themselves. Men prefer to think that being well-dressed is for women only, and they can be excused for being shabby. But that is not true.

That there are basic two types of fashion for men – retrosexual and metrosexual – is now a well known fact. So, what are these two words and how do they define a man’s personality?

Both metrosexual and retrosexual are terms that are linked with men and fashion. Retrosexual is a term associated with those types of men who do not like to spend much time behind their appearance, and would rather prefer an unkempt look than the proper and well balanced appearance. Think of Hugh Jackman in “Australia” and “X-Men” and you know what it actually means.

It is again fashion that terms men as metrosexual. Try to recall David Beckham and Ben Affleck. Their suave style, well-groomed appearance, impeccable etiquettes – they all add up to give the final package of a top class metrosexual man. Metrosexual men pride in their luxurious habit of taking good care of themselves. They do not shy away from men’s spas, or good tailors. Fashion for metrosexual men is a pride which they enjoy with √©lan.

For men who are not celebrities, the distinction between metrosexual and retrosexual is not that stark. They have a limited wardrobe and need to keep themselves in fashion with those limited number of clothes. However, that is not as tough a task as it may sound. The basic characteristics of retrosexual fashion are that it is rugged and macho. Think the clothes of Abercrombie & Fitch, their clothes have an earthy tone and look that goes really well for the retrosexual fashion. Ralph Lauren could also do the trick for you. Their sporty look is apt to get the retrosexual look in without any effort. And for those who actually do not like to spend time for the maintenance of their looks, these brands give the effortless comfort and style, all at once.

Metrosexual look is neat and clean. It needs something more polished and subtly glossy, but not in girly colors. Burberry and Lacoste t-shirts would give it to you without the worry of spending a fortune or any compromise in the quality. The metrosexual look usually requires a little attention to details, like the colors and the cut. Colors like brown, rust or grey are not suitable for the metrosexual look. Do not worry if you are having a few of those in your closet. You can use them when you feel like not being too attentive, the days on which you feel retrosexual!

Trust somewhat bright shades when you want to get the metrosexual look. Shades of orange, mauve, blue, and green go well if you are the metrosexual type. Even pink is no longer considered a “girly” color, and once you carry pink with confidence, it will be as fashionable as any other color.

Men have a common notion that fashion and changing trends are only for women. But men need to keep in mind that even they need to have a minimum care for their clothes; else all they will be left with would be some drab clothes and no admirers.

Cheap original Burberry t-shirts and other famous brands are available in shops.

Wedding Day Fashion For Men

A wedding is the chance for men to dress up and get groomed. This time of year is generally regarded as the busiest period for formal hire and booking suits for weddings so a little advanced planning never hurt. What can you do to guarantee you make a great impression during the wedding season or on a special day?

Certainly, the first thing to remember is to decide well in advance what you will be required to wear, thus making sure you have plenty of time to shop around and find the best deal. Tradition dictates that the groom, best man, ushers, father of the bride and groom’s father should all look similar — a general rule of thumb is that if the groom is wearing morning dress, other men in the party should too — and the bride will often have preferences about what she wants the men to wear. Whether you are in the wedding party or a guest, you want to make sure you have the right kit. A simple morning or dinner suit will always offer style and sophistication; while a plain, formal shirt and well-chosen tie will compliment any well-fitting suit nicely.

Different wedding hire companies and retail outlets have different rates, selection and styles so don’t just settle on the first deal you find. Some factors to consider include the formality of the wedding, the time of day of the wedding and the bride’s colour scheme. It’s also worth thinking about how much added wear you’re likely to get out of the purchase. If you’re sure you won’t wear the suit again, it’s makes sense for most people to hire a suit or tux rather than buying it. Otherwise, buying a suit for weddings and special occasions could be well worth it if you have a busy summer of weddings ahead.

If you are part of the wedding party, you’ll want to stand out from the other guests. The bride and groom will have ideas on colours and styles and normally, when it comes to men’s fashion, this involves accessories. Cufflinks, ties, button holes, cummerbunds and waistcoats are all simple ways of distinguishing the wedding party, and are offered as part of many formal or formal hire packages. You may also find some menswear stores offer special deals on suits for weddings at this time of year; deals include discounts or offers such as free shirt and tie packs when you buy a suit. Although this should not be the number one deciding factor in your decision, it is a welcome addition to any purchase.

Whether you are a guest or an integral part of a wedding this year, choosing men’s wedding clothing can be challenging. Make sure you make the right impression with your suit or tux by planning ahead. Shop around for a great deal at formal hire companies or scour your local high street retailer for the perfect suit Remember: Weddings last a long time, often with much dancing and celebrating. Make sure your clothes are not just clean, pressed and appropriate, but that your suit fits you well and is comfortable enough to party in.

Designers Fashion For Men

Women’s fashion dominated the industry for a long time. However, there is a definite drift in the line of thinking on the part of designers all over the globe. Designers fashion for men is becoming more prominent nowadays. The growing interest of men in fashion is the main reason for it. As style consciousness is breaking the barriers of gender, more and more big players of the fashion world are taking a greater interest in the men’s domain. New and struggling designers are also starting to showcase their talent in this sector.

Versace and Calvin Klein are the two giants of the fashion world. They are engaged in designing stylish garments which are meant for almost all occasions. The look and the label are both extremely important for becoming a salable item. The names mentioned above provide just that. Young men have a tendency to follow these trendsetters in order to get updated with the latest fashion trends. The trouble of paying the extra buck does not bother them.

However, you will find plenty of other designers and fashion houses waiting to make their mark in the industry as well. It wouldn’t be a bad idea to try these new players, as they might bring about a fresh and whole new perspective in the trend. The designers fashion may vary to a great degree. The trick to obtain the best style is by ignoring the name of the brand and judging the quality of clothing on offer.

Brand names like Gucci, Calvin Klein, Adidas, and Versace will be present forever. However, the next generation of designers, with their style and freshness will also create a niche in this sector. So, young men must try to make a clever choice between them.

Fashion For Men to Date Girls 5 Critical Fashion Tips For Dating and Attracting Women

It’s not about knowing everything about fashion or following the latest trends. That’s what most people think of when they think of fashion. Sure, knowing the latest trends shows that you keep up with current events and following the latest trends shows that you have access to some financial resources (it’s expensive following the latest trends). But that’s a lot of effort for relatively little return. This short dating manual excerpt will help you dress well to date women you want.

It’s about what looks good on you, and more importantly what makes you look good. Most importantly, it’s about what it communicates about you. The way you dress should communicate something about your lifestyle. The following are some general guidelines that work for a large majority of men. For some men there may be certain social stereotypes they may be targeting (eg: for wannabe Japanese girls, dressing like a japanese pop star would score you major points) but making a list of all these niches would be unproductive.

1. Wear clothes that fit

Clothes that fit are essential when it comes to being able to attract women. A person wearing loose clothes shows that they may not be comfortable with their figure (either they think they’re too slim or too fat). A person wearing tight clothing shows that they are comfortable with themselves and can imply comfort with sexuality. This is important for building attraction in women. As mentioned in the beginning, it’s what your clothes communicate about you that really matters. As such, wearing a form fitting $10 plain shirt can look much better than an oversized $200 shirt.

If you can afford it, I recommend that you also tailor your clothes that don’t fit EXACTLY. If they fit exactly already, that’s ok. But otherwise, tailoring can help clothes fit you better, which then helps you attract women and date women.

2. Each accessory should communicate a story

This is a good way to get conversations started and continued. By wearing interesting items of clothing, you give women who want to talk with you an excuse to start a conversation. By having a story behind the item of clothing instead of it just being a “cool item”, it gives you great conversation material for talking with women you want to date.

For example, in my hotel room last night with two cute asian girls, one girl asked me about my belt. I told her it was a gift from a third girl who knew I was lacking a belt. This shows that I know other girls, and that other girls I know hold me in high regard (enough to give me gifts). This significantly helps in attracting women.

3. Calibrate to situation and audience

In order to figure out how to get what you want in terms of dating women, you first have to understand what it is that you want. If you’re trying to date asian girls who are conservative, you want to wear something that they will find attractive. If you’re going for goth punk rockers, you want to wear something they will find attractive.

Also you have to consider the situation. Wearing dress shirts with big G-chains while trying to meet women in the library, you stand out in a bad way as they may think you are just there to meet women. Wearing pajamas to a high end nightclub shows lack of social calibration and you probably won’t even be able to get in to meet the women inside, so much harder for you to date these women.

4. It’s all in the details

If it looks like it took a lot of effort to make, it’s considered good (keeping taste in mind, of course). When it comes to dating women, details matter. Women notice details on clothing more than men, and additionally, they try to interpret those details. Wearing a piece of clothing with fancy complicated designs (hopefully in good taste) implies higher financial position, all else being equal. A fancy design on a shirt is not a “necessity” for a shirt since the main goal is to cover you and keep you warm. So the fancy design is considered an extra, and it implies that if you’re able to obtain extras then you must be well off enough that you’re not worried about getting the necessities.
This is a major reason why women wear high heels. High heels are not very productive; they make it hard to walk and have bad balance compared to more productive shoes. Yet this is a major reason that women will wear them since it implies higher social status (that they don’t need to any laborious tasks and lead a luxurious life). You should keep in mind this concept not only when learning to attract women but also in all social situations. Be aware of what you indirectly communicate by what you do, dress, and say.

5. How to dress on a budget

My dating manual understands that you may not want to spend a lot of money. These tips reflect that same principle of my dating manual. Even if you’re well off financially, I believe that saving money when possible is a good thing.

It is better to have 2 good outfits you wear often than 50 outfits that look bad and you wear rarely. So instead of getting dozens of average shirts and average jeans, I recommend you get a few outfits that are great instead. You don’t really need a pair of jeans for each day of the week. You can wear the same pair of pants more than once before washing. Shirts are a bit harder to wear more than once in a row, but you can just alternate shirts.

Next is using “core dressing”. Have one or two items that are “core” to your outfit. For example, a jacket or a blazer. Next you dress around that. You can wear different jeans, different shirts, etc. but the item that people associate you with, the core item, is still there. This allows you to cut down on the amount of outfits you buy while still looking good.

I hope these fashion tips serve you well. I occasionally get compliments on my clothing, and I didn’t spend a lot of time reading GQ or men’s magazines trying to copy fashion. I just followed these basic tips to find out what looks good on me. I also don’t spend much on my fashion. The current outfit I’m wearing as I’m typing this which got a compliment last night, I got for under $30 CDN (tho the belt was a gift).

Click below for complete dating manual. It’ll teach you how to meet women, starting conversations, getting phone numbers, setting up dates, and attracting them along the way.

The Seasonal and Sensational Fashion for Men

The companies working on men’s fashion are solely working for the satisfaction of their male clients. Every time when the season changes latest, trends set in forth for the fashion conscious people. The companies provide up-to-the-minute and updated new fangled fashion to the guys. The fashion designers are working hard for the best fabric and design around the clock. Some branded companies before bringing their product to the market for sale display their work in catalogs, magazines and introduce to the fashion pundits, potential clients, and international audience through fashion shows.

The blazing summer and choice of apparel
With the arrival of summer, season the competitive rivalry of many companies is increased. The fabric used in summer is cotton and usually it is a fine fabric. This fabric is breathable and excellent for the circulation of air that can pass through. It prevents from the summer heat very well. Companies also introduce synthetic polyester fabrics. Linen fabrics do not require ironing are used extensively. The cool colors are used as to prevent the effects of hot weather. The shoes are mostly made of canvas and flip-flops become very easy to spot on most of the men and found everywhere. Similarly, watches are also brought forth with new style and demand. Companies introduce light weight leather made watches. The watches made of metal are usually avoided. Trendy caps with different colors and style are also introduced. Sunglasses are introduced every season in new shape and style. The tints like black, grey, and blue are very much in common. Pajamas, shorts are introduced along with T-shirts. Many companies also launch their latest collection of beachwear at the start of summer season.

The fall season and its choice of fashion
The fall dressing is always appealing. Many choices are available to keep warm and to prevent effects of snow and cold. The hair is usually grown. The fabrics introduced by designers are mostly wool as winter garments. The jackets and coats are usually thick, waterproof and often made with insulation material. They are available in many styles. The styles are Biker and Bomber, German army style, leather coats and jackets and so on. Black, brown, and grey are colors used in winter especially in shoes. The famous shoe brand companies are Clarks, Kickers and Ben Sherman. For the sake of comfort, foam is used on the inner side and leather lining is used. Winter sole of shoes is synthetic, mostly have anti slip qualities, and waterproof. Stitching is made visible in the winter stuff. During the Christmas days, more varieties of things are introduced and prices are kept low, so more people can buy and dress in their unique manner. Pajamas, jumpers are used. The shirts are usually full sleeves and designs are mostly stripes, checkered and heavy prints. Colors are darker and solid for the garments as well as accessories. Many brands launch their latest collection of sweaters, cardigans, leather jackets, and accessories at the dawn of winter season.

Eyewear Fashion for Men

When a man is in need of sunglasses to protect his eyes from the sun, he has several choices. He can buy a cheap pair of sunglasses from the store, or he can buy a nice pair of name brand and durable sunglasses online. The cheap pair of glasses may cost less money, but they will break down in no time as they are not built to last. When someone adds up all the money they spend buying cheap sunglasses all the time, they will find that it would have been better to buy the name brand sunglasses in the end. There are many nice sunglasses people will find when looking for eyewear fashion for men.

Some of the best sunglasses on the market for men include the brands Adidas Originals, Giorgio Armani, Givenchy, Mont Blanc, Police, Serengeti, and others. If men are looking for sunglasses that are stylish and affordable, they will want to check out Giorgio Armani sunglasses. Popular products include the GA134S, the GA598S, and the GA705S. When looking at the GA134S, men will love the metal frame and rounded lenses that are formed into the natural shape of the face. The lenses offer 100{d321a4dfdace432a50e3e3cbbafbc69f70d2de57917eb1d12132e19369e98bdc} UV protection, so men will not have to worry about the sun harming their eyes.

Serengeti sunglasses are also a very popular form of eyewear fashion for men. The Altura, Avena, and Cetera are some of the many Serengeti sunglasses men will want to look at. When reading about the lenses of the Altura, men will find out that they automatically lighten and darken with different light conditions. The lenses also come with an anti-scratch coating, so they will not scratch up like cheaper sunglasses.

There are so many different options for eyewear fashion for men, that they will have to look around before making a purchase. It really is up to the individual tastes of consumers as they find stylish and affordable sunglasses that they like. One thing anyone should consider when looking for eyewear fashion for men is the quality of the sunglasses. It is better to buy a name brand pair of fashion sunglasses as they will last for a long time. Buying cheap sunglasses may sound like a good idea, but it is not worth all the trouble in the end.

FramesDirect.com is the world’s largest online retailer of prescription eyeglasses, sunglasses [http://www.framesdirect.com/sunglasses/], contact lenses and prescription sunglasses. To learn more about eyeglasses and other eyewear related topics, please visit FramesDirect.com, or The Eye Zone – the official FramesDirect.com blog.

Exotic Leather Fashion For Men

Exotic leather men’s fashion is most luxurious and highly sought-after – but some exotic leather is more suited for fashion. The color, finish, and type of exotic leather all have fashion zeal in their own unique way. Here are how some exotic skin make their way into men’s fashion:

1) Crocodile and Alligator Skins – If there ever was a standard for mens exotic leather fashion, crocodile and alligator set the standard. Inch by inch, a luxury grade alligator or crocodile skin scores the highest points on any fashion scale. Crocodile and alligator skin enhance the luxury appeal of goods like watch straps, wallcoverings, upholstery garments, belts, luggage – all with a high level of durability that lasts for decades.

2) Stingray Skin – Ultra-durable stingray leather has a look that is instantly recognizable by the leather connoisseur and equally attractive to those who haven’t seen it before. Stingray leather is very pliable and one of the strongest leathers in existence – having been used in ancient times for armor and sword grips. Stingray has a stippled texture that shines, making it ideal for flashy wallets, belts, boots, and wall coverings.

3) Snake and Python Skin – Snake skin embodies all qualities remarkably different from humans in almost every way and also have a strong male allure to them. Finely crafted jewelry, garments, boots, wallets made of python skin are long-lasting and attractive and can come in almost any color.

4) Ostrich Skin – Ostrich skin is a truly exotic leather with one of the most interesting feature – a soft oil finish (that gets softer over time) and a “pocked” surface. A high quality ostrich skin will have no holes in its pocks, and can be tanned in any color for well-suited luxury applications like car upholstery, wall coverings, and more.

5) Lizard Skin – While not suitable for garments, nothing emanates high-end style like a pool cue, upholstered car interiors, wall trims, and veneers. It’s also common to see Lizard coupled with Crocodile and/or Ostrich for fine footwear.

Spring Fashion for Men

The keyword for men this spring-summer season is comfort and of course, style, mixing and matching styles that blend nicely with wardrobe they already own, gives the idea that being fashionable can also mean affordable. Some men don’t like to be too conservative and layer themselves too much with jackets, for this, consider using a dark tone vest with buttons in the front with a v-neck shirt in light colors. Minimalist layering is important this season; you don’t want the hot weather to bother you as the summer starts.

Always use accessories to combine your look, like bracelets, necklaces and sunglasses. Avoid going overboard with these so you don’t loose your elegance and transform you look into another one. Men also wear accessories like bags, this season; the satchel style bag is a must. This spring, scarves and handkerchiefs are back for that refined touch in a man’s look.

About pants, straight cuts reveal a better presence, bell bottoms are way out of the picture nowadays, keep them in your closet just in case they come back or if you need them for a costume party. Also, cropped trousers reaching to above the ankle was seen in the runways. This style can be worn with very short socks or ankle boots. Some designers have even incorporated short shirts matching their business suits on their collections.

The season’s color tendencies are almost the same, focusing more on grays and pearl whites, but don’t forget that spring is all about colors and pastel pinks and oranges are back. For the more rebel ones, there is nothing better than pants in wild colors like green and yellow with comfortable printed cotton t-shirts. You have to be careful with graphics, don’t think that because it is spring or summer, gigantic flowers are adequate, wrong, those designs are in the past, prints now tend to be smaller and in aquamarine, gray, purple or blue colors. Flowers and Hawaiian printed shirts are only acceptable when combined with beach Bermudas.

You should always search for the right type of fabric too; there are textiles for every season. This spring, the options are linen, cotton, and tropical wool, for a fresher and cooler feeling. The Jeans never go out of style; you just have to follow the type of cut within the season and the trends.

The realistic fact is that American men usually don’t wear what they see in the runways, European men tend to be riskier with their look, they really don’t care what people think of them, whereas American men are more conservative in this matter, of course, I’m talking about the general guy.

This year, a more tailored man will replace the baggy look from last year’s fashion industry. This year, less is more; more choices, more styling, more classic.

Get ready for the upcoming fall-winter trends which include looks inspired by construction workers and Charlie Chaplin, plaid coming back again, and of course, plum will be the new black!