Designer Fashion For Men

It is safe to say that the world can be very materialistic at times as everywhere we look we are judged and we judge others on the material goods they possess; no more so than their clothing. In the ‘good old days’ you wore what you were given and as long as you were protected and warm in the winters then nothing else mattered but today it is a completely different story.

Gone are the days where clothes were just clothes, in today’s society they are a symbol of status, style and personality. Those in dark clothes and leathers are often the moody Goths, the smart, suit wearing persona belongs to that of the ‘geek’ whilst the bright and barely-there clothing is for the overly confident and overly flashy. You may not agree but the fact of the matter is that however way we look at it and whatever ‘description’ we wish to attach; each clothing is now a definition of who we are and for that reason designer fashions have become a way of life.

For women, a somewhat obsessive nature and a desire to wear the latest and greatest fashion has become a natural way of life but as time has gone by; that attitude has extended to menswear. Whether your brothers, fathers, uncles or husbands; designer fashion has taken over and society has now reached a critical impasse; those who have a wardrobe full of designer clothing are clearly the most sophisticated, stylish men full of personality whilst those who don’t own a single piece of designer clothing lack pizzazz, flair and any passion for life but is that really the case?

As a lover of fashion and a lover of the beauty and quality that some of the world’s leading designers bring to menswear; I cannot help but fly the flag for designer mens fashions however at the same time I will contradict myself by saying that at times, it is indeed over rated. We have become so obsessed with luxury and status that we have attached them to fashion but should we really go that far? Fashion is fashion; clothing that varies in style, colour and even quality and it is the same with anything, from the furniture we chose to the car we buy but it has become apparent that we are all becoming obsessed with little symbols and names. What does it matter whether your shirt has a little horse or crocodile in the corner, if you are comfortable with the way you feel and look then should that not be all that matters?

Yes, designer fashion can be beautiful and of real, solid quality from Armani jackets to Eton shirts but wearing them shouldn’t be a symbol of status and wearing them should never define your personality. An appreciation of designer clothing is an appreciation of just that; clothing that has been created by the best of the best, which is innovative and of immense quality but that, in no way should mean that those who don’t wear designer fashions are low class citizens!

We all love a bit of quality in our lives and for those who can afford to inject some; the right piece of clothing can become a fantastic addition to the wardrobe but don’t let it get to your head. I can see why many argue that fashion is over rated and if we continue to view designer pieces as we do; the ‘status symbol’ then I don’t see that argument diminishing. However, if we take a step back and simply appreciate designer clothing for what it is then whether you are a man or a woman; you can once again appreciate real quality for what it is worth.