Wedding Day Fashion For Men

A wedding is the chance for men to dress up and get groomed. This time of year is generally regarded as the busiest period for formal hire and booking suits for weddings so a little advanced planning never hurt. What can you do to guarantee you make a great impression during the wedding season or on a special day?

Certainly, the first thing to remember is to decide well in advance what you will be required to wear, thus making sure you have plenty of time to shop around and find the best deal. Tradition dictates that the groom, best man, ushers, father of the bride and groom’s father should all look similar — a general rule of thumb is that if the groom is wearing morning dress, other men in the party should too — and the bride will often have preferences about what she wants the men to wear. Whether you are in the wedding party or a guest, you want to make sure you have the right kit. A simple morning or dinner suit will always offer style and sophistication; while a plain, formal shirt and well-chosen tie will compliment any well-fitting suit nicely.

Different wedding hire companies and retail outlets have different rates, selection and styles so don’t just settle on the first deal you find. Some factors to consider include the formality of the wedding, the time of day of the wedding and the bride’s colour scheme. It’s also worth thinking about how much added wear you’re likely to get out of the purchase. If you’re sure you won’t wear the suit again, it’s makes sense for most people to hire a suit or tux rather than buying it. Otherwise, buying a suit for weddings and special occasions could be well worth it if you have a busy summer of weddings ahead.

If you are part of the wedding party, you’ll want to stand out from the other guests. The bride and groom will have ideas on colours and styles and normally, when it comes to men’s fashion, this involves accessories. Cufflinks, ties, button holes, cummerbunds and waistcoats are all simple ways of distinguishing the wedding party, and are offered as part of many formal or formal hire packages. You may also find some menswear stores offer special deals on suits for weddings at this time of year; deals include discounts or offers such as free shirt and tie packs when you buy a suit. Although this should not be the number one deciding factor in your decision, it is a welcome addition to any purchase.

Whether you are a guest or an integral part of a wedding this year, choosing men’s wedding clothing can be challenging. Make sure you make the right impression with your suit or tux by planning ahead. Shop around for a great deal at formal hire companies or scour your local high street retailer for the perfect suit Remember: Weddings last a long time, often with much dancing and celebrating. Make sure your clothes are not just clean, pressed and appropriate, but that your suit fits you well and is comfortable enough to party in.